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Fuller Moto Shop Relocates

Fuller Moto Shop Relocates

A Look Back and a Look Ahead

Written By: Bryan Fuller

One year ago, we found out that the Arizona Street location was going to be sold to add more condominiums. It wasn’t unexpected, but still sad to know after 14 years of work, the old place would mainly be turned to rubble. Supposedly the original 40’s building we occupied would stay somewhat intact, the rest of the 2-acre property is being dug up as I am writing this. Many great works of metal art were created in the old Fuller Hot Rods space. Friendships were built, skills were furthered, and of course there were the great parties, TV Shows, and the day-to-day hangs.

I took some time to reflect the other day looking at the empty space and felt deep pride for what we had accomplished. We started in one little room with little more than a roll around box of hand tools, Lincoln Electric TIG and Welders, initiative, skills, and work ethic…that’s really about it. No real money to speak of, luckily Mrs. Fuller my girlfriend at the time, kept a roof over our my head and food in the belly.

Think of those cars! The Impaler, the Thundertaker, the Double Down…..wow! The bikes: The ShoGun…Misty Green Norton, and that Bavarian BMW! I’m so proud of our teams over the years taking these dreams the owners and I came up with and making them real. I always believed that if we did what was right for each project and customer, in the end everything else would fall into line.

We have always strived for innovation, quality, constantly learning and growing so that each build is better than the previous. Fuller Moto has more innovation, talent, and capabilities than ever leading into 2019 and the new facility. Cato’s Upholstery has moved to town which is a huge new addition to the shop. He brings top notch interior design and execution right here in our building.

Our old space was too small, and due the 2-level and 4 room layout we always worked around the building instead of organizing the building to fit the work. We’ve tripled our size at now nearly 15,000 sq. feet, smack dab in the middle of Atlanta’s motor capital Tucker, GA. It’s a a famous building here in the ATL, as it was an old Ferrari of Atlanta for around 35 years! It was built in the mid 60’s and has been automotive for its whole life.

The place overall is in great shape but definitely needed some love and retro-fitting to meet a metal shop’s needs. Electrical and compressed air have been added and continue to be expanded. LED lights are being changed out slowly as scheduling allows. We’ve torn down the old offices in the back in order to add a killer kitchen, bathroom with shower, and laundry room to keep us comfortable. A new awning and shelves have been added in the rear to get more storage and keep the shop clutter free and organized.

We plan on being at this new location for a long time, so we want to get everything just right. January 12-13 we are having a TIG Welding Seminar with Lincoln Electric and are trying to have the new kitchen area up and running by then. Keep an eye out here for a big block party in the spring to celebrate our grand opening!

Thank you again to all of our customers, builders, sponsors, and friends who have made this first 14 years a success. I hope to write another one of these letters in 2029 to celebrate 10 years of killer builds in The New Fuller Moto Shop!

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